Rain and thunder returns

Another evening of rain and thunder. So far no power loss. I hope to sleep good tonight. I will be driving myself to the eye doctor at 7 AM. I will then be able to remove the bug eye except at bed times at least for a week.

Blurred but visibility

The visibility is blurred, and the eye is seeing on its own, I do have a bug eye over it and held on by a pair of glasses.  No pain or soreness.  I have found that tape does not work well when I have to add drops 4 times a day.  The lens will begin to clear up and progressively get better and normal again.  Another great work to an eye by my doctor.

I am done

Today I have completed the second transplant of my two lenses to my eyes.  The nurse from the clinic just called checking on me and all is good.  I do not have right now but did want to let the world know that the transplant into the right eye a new lens went well and is now complete.  I do not expect any problems.