Not happy, but I am ready

Today I complained about the rain, great! Early evening we had some thunder, I never saw any lighting, but I lost power about 5 times in 3 hours.  I think that part is over now, the rain continues.

Now, I am prepared for sleep at 9:30pm till ?,  and then go to the office where I will have the surgery.  I will start at 10 am.  It will be about an hour before I actually start the surgery.  Then it will be about another hour before I actually leave for home.  So from 9:30pm tonight till say 12:00 am tomorrow no drink or food.  I have no other comments until I get home and say it is over.

Not happy, but I am ready.


I am spending the day waiting on Amazon to deliver my order either via UPS or AMAZON means.  I have been making some constructive progress in the cleaning effort.  Much more to do and I have to get it done today because I am not supposed to do anything strenuous for two weeks.

Cleaning a way of life as a single or family.