I feel good

Little Richard once made a song about the words “I feel Good…”.But that is not what this post is about, it is about me and the way I feel right now.  I lost my sleep but I can say that I feel good right now.  Next Wednesday I will be having my right eye worked on and the lens replaced.  That I hope will bring to a conclusion the cutting for a while.  I do know that soon I will be having the EDG and colonoscopy.  The doctor has decided to do both once he has the clearance from my cardiologist, which really I do not have one right now.   But thanks to his NP, I did not get any time with him when I went for my visit.  At least when all of this is completed, I hope to have satisfied all of the requirements of the VA and Medicare for my medical evaluations.

I feel good, just can’t sleep.

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