A smile is born

My routine is complete for today, I have found the lost sleep, and it is begging me to hurry up.  I also purchased my 2018 tax return program today.  Tomorrow I shall spend a few minutes getting them filled out and then pay IRS a few dollars $1000, I estimate.  After I am done with the taxes I will be able to say a smile is born.  I am happy that most of my money is tax-free because it is based on a disability.

A smile is born.

Now to the routine

Now to the routine which close today with much positive results and I will hopefully fall to sleep and wake again during the early morning hours of 3:45 am.  I have much that I want to accomplish tomorrow, on here, in the apartment, and maybe the garages.  I will move between the rooms and decide how far I want to go at that time.  I do not want to make myself sore and ungrateful.

Now it is raining again.  I am crazy tonight I was about to make it read as it is raining outside, well duh!  yes it is outside.

Now to the routine.

I did some cleaning

As I placed my new appliances on the of the counters tops, I was hit from behind and I had no idea what caused it.  My sleep has come back and very strong right now.  I have the last stage of my routine for today at 10 pm so I will be headed that way soon afterward.  I did some cleaning and it does look much better.

Tomorrow I will be doing much more cleaning than for today. I have a decision to make about some older pots and pans, and old microwave that works but the door at times does not open.  It would take two hands but once opened and the cooking is done it will open right up.

New stuff

I went to best buy today, did not get anything that I went for. I did buy some appliances to cook with. I am getting rid of some artifacts that I have.

I do hope to sleep some tonight. I may take a pain pill and a sleep pill or two.

Tomorrow I hope to try and use my appliances to cook with. There are mostly air fry type. I hand an old type and I love it.

Over time and dedication

Over time and dedication, my work habits and performance finally reached apotheosis. Did I receive awards or notification of my habits?  No!  I was not doing what I was doing for awards, just for my satisfaction and representations.  I reflect back and with joy, I can say that I did it my way and the right way and that is why I am where I am at today.

Over time and dedication, you can meet your apotheosis.  Your quintessence will speak for itself at the end.