Happy Valentine’s day

For those of us that honor this date we need to put our heartstrings together and show appropriate appreciation toward special and others that you care for.  To the many that follow my post let me say Happy Valentine’s day each.

Some changes

Today I can present a few changes for me to get used to.  The changes are not a major event, but new for me today.

I removed the wifi keyboard and mouse from this computer today.  I am USB connected to the system for these two items.  These items are not the one that came with the system but were given to me when I purchased a refurb. Dell computer from a repair shop and distributer.  I will try them for a while and see what happens.

I have finally completed all of my oil change services to my vehicles.  I went to have the service on the car today and I had the tires rotated also.  I am done for a while now.

I will begin and hopefully complete my tax papers today for filing and getting them over with.  Of course, I know I will owe and I am prepared to forward the payment with the filing.