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18 weeks of activity It did not copy well.  Anyway, the marks were in the upper 80’s again.

Monday 2.11.19 activities

The morning came and I was up headed for the Waffle House for coffee and a toast with some old people that I know.  Some are working still at 75 years and most of the rest are retired.  I soon came home as the others had to move into their world.

I get home and then a bit later I go up to the office for a cookie.  I was talking to one of the ladies and looked out the window and saw UPS.  I, of course, was expecting a package and sure enough, he got out with a sizeable box and I opened the door for him.  I said is that for my apartment he said yes, I said why not put in the car.  So we did.  My Amazon order came in, well one of three did.  It was a box of food items.

I later go up to the mailbox and I have the second of three packages inside.  It was some medical supplies of which I ordered.

I later was sitting around the apartment and I decided to order some food items to eat, so I placed an order with Instacart, a service that works out of various stores providing home delivery.  The food arrived about an hour later to my apartment.  I have plenty to eat now and most of it is good stuff, some are frozen, I can’t buy any more of the frozen because my freezers are full.