Another day to behold

Let it be known that 2/10/19, a date that I refer to as another day to behold, is upon us. let me also add that is some cases it ahead of some.  Time zones you know.  I am not really a time traveler, just one that travels in time.

I woke this morning with a little headache in the right frontal.  I think I know, but not sure, what might be causing it but one as a layman is never sure as a doctor is never sure.  It is nothing to worry about my head is so stuffed with trash that but it is getting better, it just takes a while to be normal again. Besides this little problem, I feel great today.

What will today bring for me today?  I see more thought and activities directed here throughout the day.  I am going up to the office and photo the flowers that I referred to yesterday.  Today’s temperature is higher so far today, rain has been predicted, however, has never materialized.  The actual prediction calls for 3 or 4 days of rain.

Another day to behold.


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