About to bed down

I have optimized my phones, do not disturb is on, and they are charging.  I am about to charge myself and hopefully sleep a little while during the night.  I do feel a little headache starting to materialize.  I have never had a problem with headaches until these episodes of bronchitis happen.  I did take a couple of pills to ease pains.  The pill is over the counter.

Tomorrow, I am staying in and I have no plans of going anywhere.  No doctors next week, the following week only one so far.

I have my bags packed and I am hitting the straw for some rest, I hope.

The egg

What is about the egg we like so much?
Why the egg?
Well, the story has always been which came first the chicken or the egg? We now have official answers to that question. Science and some important people have decided, thanks to the makeup of the shell, the chicken came first. But now at the same time, give or take, it has also been decided that the eating of an egg daily is good for your heart problems. Oh, does the egg not cause cholesterol? Now we are egg smarter, ≠∞
Chickens are nice but they make nasty pets. Birds, on the other hand, make great pets. So I like birds.

Saturday 2.9.19

This morning I woke with a headache, blood from my nose as I ejected the drainage, my eyes were feverish, and I Just didn’t feel good at all. Still, don’t. A headache last evening was in the right frontal of the head, this morning it was in both sides.
The weather temperature has dropped a lot from yesterday. This morning it was around 31o. I am not sure what it is right now out there or where it will be later, I will be in the apartment and I know it will be warm in here.
Today is my ex-wife’s sister’s birthday. I do not know her age, if I did, I would not say it, she is younger than I am for sure.