I feel bad today

It is a Monday and over the weekend I came down with something like flu and bronchitis.  Even if I have a pill I keep feeling worse and worse.  I do see another doctor tomorrow and I am not sure she will do anything but tell me it is a no go on the surgery.

Update tomorrow.

The Monday doctor

The Monday’s doctor visit went well and all was good with the numbers.  I found out somethings about the labs that they are not all true readings.  The readings are based on the tubs, the process, and other things so it is not true science.  Nice to know.

Tomorrow I have the eye doctor visit, but I have bronchitis and maybe some flu mixed.  I asked today for something to help and she said that she was not supposed to but she did order me something.   This will mean that my eye surgery will most likely be postponed until I get well.  I will know for sure tomorrow.