I have been “thinking”

In my thought process, I have concluded that my senescence in life has come to be and that I need to understand that I am not as young as I use to be.  One could think or dream of the life of Hugh Hefner but I am sure it was not as nice and relaxing as we would think.

Anyway, I have been “thinking” and my senescence in life does not like for me to do that.

The weekend

The weekend is coming to a close soon, it has been a nice cool one with a lot of sun.  The big game is on tonight or maybe even now, I am not watching it, the tickets to get into the game were more than $1000 as high as $10,000.  Even if I had that kind of money to waste I’d have to find something else to waste it on.

As for my weekend, I have had this winter disease for the past few days.  I have not left the apartment today for any reason.  My day is great with paper floods, boxes fighting as to who is next, and my body’s, snap, crackle and pop.  On to the next adventure where ever it may take me.

Last evening I was …

Watching YouTube and I ran into some material about these mini-computers that just plug into a TV and you have a full-size computer.  The memory on some can be up to 2Tb.  It was shown that the little case about a 4×5 or even smaller, could be hooked up to many different other units and would never get hot or slow down.  I went to Amazon and looked at some, but a decision has not come yet.

Just for information and to sidetrack some boredom.  I hope to feel better soon, two days now.

Today a Sunday 2/3/19

I set my goals, then I began working on parts of them.  I was attacked at the copy machine by paper galore.  I then had to get into the floor with all that paper and make sure that I had two matching sets, one for me and one for the doctor tomorrow.  Up and down fixing the problems that the copy machine caused.  I thought I was going to have to get my Crisco down and lubricate my joints. a pop here and there.  It is just an old folks thing but we can get spare parts for many of our problems.  Finally, I now have a matching set of paper for me and one for my doctor.

Today a Sunday 2/3/19.