Cold today

To me it is cold today, is it?  Years ago, I’d say no it is nice out, but today I will say it is cold out.  It really does not matter to me because I will be inside and warm.  I did go out to eat this morning, a friend has a birthday today, he is now playing golf.  I do not golf myself mainly I find it to be a lot of work carrying the bag full of metal around looking for a little white ball, then taking a club out and knocking the heck out of it so I can go look for it again, just to repeat.  But I am funny that way.

When I use to run, I would run in a circle so if I got tired I would not have far to make it back to where I started.  3 miles was my limit anyway.  Today, I walk from room to room just to make sure that if I can’t make it back to where I started, I still will not have far to go.

Wow, how did I get off on running or walking when I began talking about the cold?  I know there is a word describing this kind of wondering, but I do not remember it right now.

It is still cold out today.

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