The right eye

The right eye did not turn black this time following the shot.  It is white but for some reason red at times.  I do not mean, red, all over just like it is being rubbed a lot.  I will go on Tuesday and see the primary eye doctor and she will give me a scheduled time for the other lens replacement.  I was able to read the charts with one eye at a time all the way down to 1 or 2 levels.  That made me feel good when I did that.

My Nephrology appointment

Yesterday I made my Nephrology appointment.  When she came in she was wearing a surgical mask, she has a cold.  Today my throat is a little inflamed.  I will deal with that.  Anyway about yesterday, she issued me a couple of other medications based on her findings from my labs.  Ok, now that is good, but I gave her a lot of information for about three weeks that fully told a different story.  I guess my information does not matter at all when I keep good records about my conditions.  But she is young, she will one day understand some people are concerned about their health.  She wants me to do labs again in three weeks then see her in four weeks for further evaluation.

A second site

I started another site and it is driving me nuts.  I must have done something wrong when I started it because it is tied into the base of this site and I think it is causing problems with this one.  I also do not receive any post from in my emails which could be a good thing, I do not know.  I will have to get in touch with someone in the help department to see if I can get them separately from each other.  Heck, I am not sure why I even need the other site but I now have it, invested a lot into it so I need to get something out of it I guess.


Cold today

To me it is cold today, is it?  Years ago, I’d say no it is nice out, but today I will say it is cold out.  It really does not matter to me because I will be inside and warm.  I did go out to eat this morning, a friend has a birthday today, he is now playing golf.  I do not golf myself mainly I find it to be a lot of work carrying the bag full of metal around looking for a little white ball, then taking a club out and knocking the heck out of it so I can go look for it again, just to repeat.  But I am funny that way.

When I use to run, I would run in a circle so if I got tired I would not have far to make it back to where I started.  3 miles was my limit anyway.  Today, I walk from room to room just to make sure that if I can’t make it back to where I started, I still will not have far to go.

Wow, how did I get off on running or walking when I began talking about the cold?  I know there is a word describing this kind of wondering, but I do not remember it right now.

It is still cold out today.