A few comments

For those brave individuals making way to Georgia to a Super Bowl, I welcome you to Georgia.  I live here and I will or will not be watching it.  I know for fact I will not be at the game, TV maybe but not likely.  I have a lot to do and I hope to make way on it this weekend.  For those that do watch it live on TV please enjoy and be careful in your travels.

Ok, another event today was my trip to the Nephrologist.  She has a little cold and was wearing a surgical mask.  She found an element in my labs that concerned her and wants me back in about 4 weeks.  Also she added some other meds to my collection.  I also have to do labs for her again in three weeks.  I looked at it and yes it was a high but only by a 2 or 3.  I guess she might know more about it than I do since she had the name Doctor.

I see the good Gastro doctor next week also and I expect the week afterwards he will want to do the inspection of my interior.  As of right now I have nothing scheduled for that week.

I also get to see the good eye doctor on Tuesday and I expect she will want to do the lens in my right eye either on Wednesday next week or the week afterwards.  Once all of these medical concerns are covered and complete maybe I can relax for a couple of days.

A few comments about today.

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