My visit to Nephrology

She was happy with my improvements and her effort, so she extended my medication for a while and said come back in 4 months.  I said if she is happy then I am happy so I came home.

The good ol’ days

Did we really have the good ol’ days? I really do not know, but how do we compare yesterday to today? Growing up we were dependent, after growing into adults we became independent. Of course some reverted back to dependent for various reasons. I relate that we are survivors of the times.

The good ol’ days? Yes or no?

A recall

I recall years ago when I was in Jr high school. I was too small to play football so I chose track. I was running the 440 and 880 events. I guess the coach had faith in me so he also had me running the same on the varsity team. I enjoyed track back then.

I think to when I enlisted into the military I was 119# soaking wet. Wow, where did it all go.

It is a recall of good times to bad times.

The site

The new site that I joined today is mixed but interesting.  One is Hubpages and the other is Turbo Future.  The Hubpages is associated with Blogs and the Turbo Future is many things dealing with electronics etc.  I joined for free and I saw nothing that would require funds to be a member.

Keyboard shortcuts

I was watching a video on YouTube about keyboard shortcuts and with the Windows system you can use the windows key + C and ask the assistant for help.  It does work or again you can use the mouse and go to the O on the taskbar and do the same thing.  I ask for a list of codes using the keyboard instead of the mouse and there is a bunch.  I joined a related site which seems to be interesting.  Sorry, I do not know enough about the site to talk about it so more will come later.