The prediction, strange

The prediction is that sun will be out for a short time, the cold will become cooler and the ice and snow should be here later this afternoon or early evening.  If it does come around and spends the night, as a Southerner, I know it will be crazy for the locals.  They do not have any idea how to act.  I think the schools are already closed and some did not even go to work.  Of course now, I did not even go out myself this morning, no reason to.

The prediction, strange.

Hacking vs stealing

Hacking is stealing, an invasion into another’s liberties.  I was hacked last year, why me I have no idea, I did catch it before it became crazy.  But my visit to the police station, changing bank accounts, changing my phone number, and having to notify every one of the new information is a lot of stress.  I am sure I have not notified all.  I did not lose anything because of my actions.

Now I have had things stolen, regardless how it works a promise to repay and the repay never materializes then what else do we call it.  A failure of good faith maybe would work.

Law enforcement officers told me that this stuff happens so often and as long as nothing is lost we just let it go, as he said really what can we do, they may not even in this country.  It is not new just be careful and alert.



As I was going through my Emails this AM, a post by Filosofia’s Word, caught my eye, a simple word, but powerful, “Why”.  I am not sure where she is located, but her interest and knowledge is superficial.  Now at 5:40AM EST, it takes a lot for me to reach out and grab my eyes and say listen to this.  I do the “Why” theme from time to time because I can try to understand an issue before I judge it.

In America, a Democracy, a Government by the people, a land of “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country,” I often ask whatever happened to this Government.  I would not trade it for another today, but if we do not get back to exercising Government and stop demonstrating hate within, then as the Romans did, the Greeks did, and others alike did, we will fall on our faces in the mud.

There is no reason why we need so many laws, most of them are laws of one and of the people.  A group of one complains, then a law is passed affecting all.  The new America is trying to become socialist and are asking for it to be a give me state.  Always wanting something for free.  Government is not good at running things, it is good at protection and fairness, then only if used by serious minded members.  I call it taxation to fill the pockets of the elected, and not to benefit the peoples.

The day of color has passed.  It takes each of us to make sure it works.  We have to deal with such things drugs, a malfunctioning education system, and the free stuff for so long that America has gotten lazy.  We have the closets open now, gays and others are out – just let it be – they have been around over the ages and will be, long to come.  Let life be, if it is not yours, then stay out of it.

This my comment to the URL above, I agree with what she is saying.