My toy

My drone that I purchased earlier. I hope to go out and practice with it soon.

Grammarly accomplishment

They again published my status for the week.  I made a record in vocabulary usage.  Most of my accomplishments were that I maintained above average on what I had written, yes, the mistakes were the same commas and dashes in split words.  I am very rusty there, actually, I was never good with this anyway.  I am getting better.

A new week, same routines

This week, a new week, same routines will follow.  I have an eye doctor on Thursday.  The day is also a payday.  The eye doctor is expected to inject more medication into my eye, therefore, the eye will turn black for about 4 weeks.  I dread it but if it will help me to keep the sight in that eye (right) even if I see fairly well with it now.  In either case the fact is, a new week, same routines.