My plans tomorrow

As of right now, I have no out of the apartment plans, well, I may have to go and get some diet cokes, yes, I am still drinking them, but the food has gotten much better.  I also do not plan on being a doldrum either.  I do expect to be active here for any time of the day.  We will see how it goes.

My plans tomorrow currently are nil.

I used a Christmas gift today

Back on Friday before Christmas the girls and the apartment complex office gave me a card which had a gift certificate in it for a body massage.  Well, today I used it and now I am sore, not from the massage but from the platform that which I was laying on.

When they all are back in the office at the same time I will thank them again.  One is out due to sickness, one out expecting and not feeling well, the other one that worked today is not feeling well now either.  It is mostly the weather I think.

Ad Remover

Granted I hate ads that just pop up and try to get my reactions.  I have this Ad Remover that has attached itself to my service, I told it to go away and I guess it likes me for $19/year of which they will not get.  My free money bank is closed.  I will continue to work on getting it to go away, it is not a bug or an invasion.  I just do not need it nor want it right now, I have other programs for that purpose that are doing a great job.



I was just watching a science video in which the subject was the birth of a human baby in outer space.  I can not foresee it but they are talking about 2024 or 2026, a live birth on the space station then returned to earth.  I see the difficulty of transporting a pregnant lady to the space station, giving birth, returning the family back to earth.  Heck, I do not think they have ever dealt with the process to place the unit in the oven.

Oh, I never heard anything about paying for the time and event.  I am sure the insurance will not cover it.

Standby for the future.

Groceries delivered

Last evening I was online and placed an order for a few items, well maybe more than a few by the time I finished, that I needed.  They just arrived at 10AM today.  My delivery timeframe was 10-11am.  Even though I was expecting them, I was surprised to see them so fast and no emails or text msgs.  I shall eat well today and for a few more days.  I was anyway, my freezer is full both in the fridge and the freezer, can goods are also plenty.  I am blessed for a single man just doing what I can to make it through the days ahead.

My groceries delivered.