A sucker punch in the Government

Today I witnessed a sucker punch in the Government.  I am glad it is over, but I did not want to see egg on the President’s face.  He will not get what he is asking for, I know that the Democrats have won and he has been egged.  Maybe he can get some of what he wants and then we can get on with the business of running the country.

The President received a sucker punch today.


I noticed this morning that my SUV had an indicator come on advising me that I had a problem with my tire air system.  I had some time to sit in the car and play with the buttons on the steering wheel.  I have air indicated in all tires except my left rear.  The sensor is dead.  Dang, I hate that because it is $120.  Oh well, I guess I will have to get it fixed next week.  I also noted that the check engine light is on, which is the O2 sensor, the cost I have no idea.  I am sure labor is twice the part cost.

I will dread next week but it is good that it came about just before the oil change.

This morning

This morning I went and ate, drunk some coffee.  The time for me to go to the doctor’s office for my labs came and I drove to the location.  She called me in and extracted what she wanted from me and I came home.  For some reason, I had forgotten that it was Friday, but that is fine.  I made it through the day.

I went to the mail and received the statement for my rent.  I had a little that I had not paid in advance so I went on and paid it today.  Now I am done with that issue.

I just ate some tomato soup on which I put some black pepper and garlic salt.  I just began coughing, hope it is over now.  It is black pepper that caused it.