Oil changes next week

I am projecting some time for two oil changes next week, one local and another down the road about 15 miles.  Both vehicles are just about to their limits now.  I dread it, to me it is time that I could be doing something else.  But I had rather get it changed than have to pay for a repair.

Oil changes next week.

A diet for some reason

I have been thinking about doing a diet for some reason.  I figure it can not hurt.  I am about to begin drinking a lot of the Slim Fast drinks, drink more water-less diet drinks, and eat more green stuff.  I need to keep some numbers down and to try and lose some weight.  I am also in hopes it will make me feel better in the long run.

I need to do it before I buy new clothes also.  I guess time will tell.

It is about bill time again

It is about bill time again.  I do not have many that need paying, most have been already paid.  All my big ones are paid so it is just a few small ones that will need attention.  I am hoping some of my “friends and Kins” will think of me when they get paid.  Yeah right!  Next week and the week afterward I have a few doctors to visit with.  Insurance will take care of them.  That is a good thing.

The weather has changed again

The weather has changed again, I heard of some snowflakes falling, I never saw them.  The rain did clear away and the sun came out for a few minutes, the wind was up and the temp dropped.  I put my car back in the garage for tonight.  I hate icy windshields.

I will give it a couple of days and the rain will return and the cold will remain.  But the weather has changed again.