From Sansung DEX

I am using my Samsung Note 9 using its system via a tV monitor. It can be used as a desktop or I guess a flatbed should I want to call it that. I am able to use all of my apps like this and it works agood as the computer. Well the phone is a computer.

This is a test but I de like it.

Weather of rain

Today when I step out into the air, I feel the wind, notice the clouds, and see the gloom then I realize that rain is coming soon for another visit.  I think stupidly that we should not have a water bill this month because of so much rain, but being sane minded I have to divest and realize that will never happen.

So the forecast is wind, rain, and dark ahead for today.  Temp in the mid-’40s.

We have life, so how do we …

At conception, we become a life.  At birth, we become an individual.  We grow through the years to become a productive member of society.  A society of taxpayers, decision makers, and producers supporting growth.  My subject of thought is “We have life, so how do we own it?”  I use the word own because from birth to now we are impressed by others.  Even when you own and manage you are influenced by others.  Are we ever our own person?  If we question the knowledge of others, how do we know that we will get the proper understanding?

We have life, so how do we …?  A thought to ponder.

Government is …

By no means am I an expert, but with a shallow understanding of how Government functions and to how elected people members think I do feel justified in describing the system as an imbroglio.  I see members of one country throwing chairs and fighting, I see members not talking to each other, thus causing havoc.  I am sure other countries Governments could fall into these descriptions as well.

Socialist, Democratic, Dictators, and Nobles it does not matter the purpose of a government is to protect, fund, and regulate.  Does this get done?  I do not see it anymore, but as I previously said: “with a shallow understanding” I do see it as confused and misguided.  How do we fix it, I only wish I knew, elections are no longer the best way to tell who will lead the best.

Government is …?