Labs upcoming

Tomorrow I have labs at the diabetic office. On Friday I will have labs at the Napraology office. Last week I had labs at the Oncology office for my 9th year recovery.

I think it would be cheaper if they would draw a complete panel group then share it. I remember once a dr ordered a full test and it cost me $800.00 out of my pocket.

Labs tomorrow and Friday.

Why do I …?

I was going to title this as Why do we … but then I was thinking, I can not speak for we but I can for I.  Each of us are individuals with our own brain, habits, and desires.  Sometimes my eyes are bigger than needs.  I think I may be trying too hard to accomplish so much now that I should have years ago, but, years ago the technology was not available for us to ingest.  So, back to the Why do I …?


  • Want so many electronic devices?
  • Want to learn so many program abilities?
  • Believe in Bionics?
  • See the future as a brilliant future and then I feel like it will never be because of politics?
  • Have dreams that I am a part of the future, knowing that I cannot be?

Why do I …?

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