• As you travel think you are a bird
  • Where you live think you are an animal free to move about
  • As you hunt think you are the hunted
  • As you are fishing think you are a trusting fish
  • As you eat think you are a food

I do this sometimes, all the above are food sources but what if we were a food source and we are to some.

Imagination is powerful.

In a few words …

Many things that need to be communicated to another person can be stated in two or three words.  The meaning of such communication presents a strong reflection unto another of affection, appreciation, and a life long feeling of love.  An affectional communication to another will carry the weight of a bucket of gold and be long-lasting

Now, on the other side of the coin, an untruth (just one) can distort all affectional communications resulting in a hell.  Many times we say we worked it out or we are working to restore.  That is a dream, the hurt will always be there, the gold has vanished and the bucket has rocks in it.

Be careful with a few words with strong meaning.