The TV is on, dark is here

The TV is on with the Punisher. The dark has as arrived. I ate some ham for dinner in a sandwich.

For some reason I am bored.. the 3 hours of rain at 3pm is late. It has been damp all day. I am sure it will be foggy again tomorrow.

The TV is on, dark is here.

My knife

I am looking for my knife. I used it the other d as y in the kitchen and now I have no idea where it is. It is a little knife 15 inch blade with a brown wooden handle. The holder is on the table, oh well.

I went to the store to gas up and bought some diet cokes. So i am good for a while. UPS brought my Amazon order which was due today. I received one part yesterday.

Well, let me go knife hunting.

It is about time

  • China is trying to work a deal with trade, they are coming to America soon
  • Government officials are not allowed to use government aircraft in travel w/o approval from the WH
  • The markets are showing great interest today
  • Our space military program is in the works, actually has been
  • I say the future looks good for the next two years at least.


I just heard that Verizon is going to try and monitor them better and notify you when it is a robocall.  Spectrum Communications does notify you of many robocalls before you answer them.  I normally will not answer them when I see that.  I hate them.

All the help we can get to stop that mess is good I think.