Went to town, I found rain

My weather report

I went to the doctor’s office to get a copy of my labs, they did not have the full test approved yet.  I did run into an old friend as I was driving down there, we all know the friend well…Rain.  The rain was not hard, however, it was a pest.  I was able to pick up a copy of one lab test, the in-house one, which really it was no good for my needs.  What I wanted to try and do is to get credit for this test and not have to do the ones (2) next week.  I will end up doing them all, I see it now.

I stopped by BK and got me some of the nuggets 10 for $1 x 2, and a large fry.  I did not need to get either but I wanted something and they were along the way.  I will suffer now until about 9:30 PM tonight.

I went to town, I found rain.

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