I had to turn it off

YouTube portraits a lot of knowledge but after a while, so many different people talking about the same thing the mind is so boggled that insanity kicks in and it has to be either turned off or replaced with something of more value.  I just turned it off.

I had to turn it off.  My eyes were crossed, my ears were flapping, and my mouth wanted to yell out loud.  I should take a picture of me in that condition, it is good for a laugh.

I do not know what I did

I do not know what I did, but I changed my Note 9 to a Google looking critter.  It works the same and is doing a great job at it.  I even had it hooked up to a monitor and it is a 100% computer.  I have to hook a keyboard and mouse to it to make it work more smoothly.  Currently, I have to use my fingers and it is like working with my drawing boards.  I knew it was good but I really did not foresee it being so versatile as a fully functional computer, but again 1Tbt of memory in a cell phone I guess I was not thinking technically.

I do not know what I did, but something.

Went to town, I found rain

My weather report

I went to the doctor’s office to get a copy of my labs, they did not have the full test approved yet.  I did run into an old friend as I was driving down there, we all know the friend well…Rain.  The rain was not hard, however, it was a pest.  I was able to pick up a copy of one lab test, the in-house one, which really it was no good for my needs.  What I wanted to try and do is to get credit for this test and not have to do the ones (2) next week.  I will end up doing them all, I see it now.

I stopped by BK and got me some of the nuggets 10 for $1 x 2, and a large fry.  I did not need to get either but I wanted something and they were along the way.  I will suffer now until about 9:30 PM tonight.

I went to town, I found rain.

My weather report

I understand that we will have some rain later today, maybe sunshine tomorrow, I doubt it, and rain the weekend, then a cold week for next week.

We will see for sure and either complain or love it.  There is nothing we can do about the weather.  The American Indians have been working on that for many years.

My weather report.