Dinner was good and …

The dinner was good and I have had YouTube on for a while, just added a movie now.  I am sure bed before long but I have been sleeping good so I will not mind.

I have nothing scheduled for the rest of the week other than waiting on Amazon to send me a few things.

I seem to have had a good day on here and I like it. lol.  I feel special to know each of you as I do even if it is long distance and behind words.  It has helped me a lot to be on here and move some words around.  Thank you.

Meatloaf is ready

I followed instructions and now the meatloaf is ready to eat.  I have a test to do at 4 PM then I can eat.  I guess someone wanted some of it so the phone started ringing and it was a scam call per the internet service.

I cooked it in an external oven.  Monda, I think I said something before, I was at the LongHorn Steak House and I was wanting the T-Bone but when I saw the price of $28 I settled for the Chopped Steak, still heavy but it also was good.  I really want a good prime rib.  Maybe one day.

A 2006 Silverado

I use to have one, the company that I purchased it from wanted to buy it back, umm, I said I talked to them and they offered me $1200 in 2014.  I thought about it and told them, yes, and They took the truck and I took the check.  I purchased me another vehicle and they paid the pickup off.

Today I received a check for 8500 from another company wanting to buy that same truck.  I get phone calls all the time wanting to sell me warranties on it.  I called them and told them that I had sold the truck to a dealership a few years ago.

A 2006 Silverado