The evening has arrived

The evening has arrived and I am about ready for the sleep locker.  It has been a fun day and I will plan to do this more often, that is relaxing and just be lazy.  I did fire up the dishwasher and it washed a few dishes.  So I do not think it was a total loss of a day.  I have to find a good movie, if they have any, to watch tonight.  I have seen so many already, I guess I could pull out some John Wayne and watch them for a while.

So until tomorrow, if my fingers are working and I am not too tired, the evening has arrived and my day has changed to allow me to rest now. lol

My robot camera

I have my robot camera now doing scans, he has not been working lately so I figured he needs to earn his keep around.  He will see nothing except me typing on here and two dark rooms.  It works great with vMix.  I like that program and the guys there give the training.

I have been thinking, and I know they have toy dogs, about a robot dog, they are already trained, do not eat much, and can be fun.  I do not think they are very noisy either.  I will look around.

I ordered

I was playing with my Note 9 phone and I placed an order with Amazon.  One item will deliver on Friday and the rest will deliver on Thursday.  Some of the stuff I need and a few things I do not need right now but the right now part has been almost six months on standby for me, so I added them.

I paid a few bills a bit ago, just car payments and a couple of other things.  I think I may get paid tomorrow, will see.  If I do then I will pay my rent two weeks early and have all of that mess out of my way so I can think clearly for a few days. lol.

I think I may have a birthday on Sunday, I need to check my birth certificate to make sure and to verify that I was actually born.  I never celebrate it anyway as I can not act my age any longer.

I ordered from Amazon

Tomorrow I see the doctor

I will be seeing the surgeon that did the eyelid surgeries tomorrow as a follow-up.  I do not expect to be there, in fact, I will spend more time going over there than I will spend with him.  I will let him do the talking so I will not put my foot in my mouth.

So, tomorrow I will see the doctor that did my eyelid surgeries.