I have been thinking …

If you take a bottle and put something liquid in it, is it called a drink?  Now, this is clean do not think nasty.  In fact how much is a drink?  Heck, I do not know I guess it is up to the individual.

It was noted that no rain

It was noted that no rain today, well a few sprinkles this morning.  I slept good last evening.

I, on the way from the doctor, stopped at the Longhorn Steak House and ate me a hamburger steak dinner.  It was good but expensive.  I saw a few old friends from years gone by.

I asked one of the girls to run to the Outback and get me a Blooming Onion.  She laughed at me.  It is only 20 miles away.

It was noted that no rain.

I be cold, or I be hot …

  • I was messing with my pills and I found
  • That I be cold, or I be hot.
  • I ask so humbly, what does that mean?
  • Maybe it is the thermostat set too high
  • Maybe it is me as a hot kind of person,
  • Nah, to the last I do not think so
  • The temperature outside is in mid to high 30°.
  • I have adjusted the thermostat for a cooler read
  • but until then, I be cold, or I be hot.

Oncology visit

Today, my oncology visit year 9 went well, one to go.  I go back in December for the number 10.  All new people there, so I was unable to visit anyone.  The NP that I saw was starting when I first went there and she had a boy soon afterward.   She has, well they all have been very nice to talk to or deal with.

A follow-up to my oncology visit.