I have moved …

With all of the stuff this morning, then I figured it out, so easy, so now I miss me.  I have moved from my recliner to the desk, I never have problems with my desktops, of course, I have three so why would I have a problem.  I have not tried it but my tablets or my laptop I have no trouble with them either.

One might ask, why do I have so many computers and devices?  I wish I knew the answer, but I do not know.  Today (every day), I spend my life at home. so I have the cameras for enjoyment and learning about myself, that is why do people say what they say about my speech abnormalities as critically spoken by those so perfect.  I have observed many problem areas and have bettered many of them to satisfy those more versed in American English.

So today, I will be here, there and round about somewhere.  So now, when you see that I have moved, your guess is as good as mine as to where I will be.

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