A while ago I saw on YouTube where some company has designed and it is operational for testing a drone version of a motorcycle. 30mph but I guess that is ok for texting. It was interesting viewing as to what they have come up with.

Today not bad …

I am now on YouTube listing to some videos. I am feeling good now. I did a few things here today and I am ready for my doctor tomorrow. My 9th year with my oncologist. Been clean for a while. I see the gastro in Feb and if that goes well I will have one more visit.

It is still damp out but not a rain. Cool to cold.

Starship 6

I have been informed that the Starship 6 came by last evening, guess I was engrossed in some proverbial activity like some movie for which I really had no desire to watch, so I missed them.  I am not sure but I think one of the newer starships will be around soon and I will get to travel with them into the wild of the night or the weekend.

I would have missed the rain had I travel with #6 last evening.  They have to watch the drones when they are in the area,

I missed my adventure travel with Starship 6.