Working a plan

I have spent the morning working a plan or schedule updating my many medical lists i.e., Doctors, Medication, and Medical Problem.  Do I seem to be organized?  Many say so, but I am at heart but I really not.  I am currently so very late in life to organize it on a computer.  I do have a medical record back to Feb 1965, but it is also is not in the computer in full.  I begin to file then something happens that interrupts me and I lose my drive.

You may or may not know that with diabetes you are always working a plan and I have found that sometimes things intervenes causing an interruption in the levels of the test or the records that are kept.  Mostly a doctor visit will mess you up because they want you to fast and once you take your shots you have to eat, so you let them go for one test period.  With this testing plan, I found that life is a complete numbers game as all results of all test are in numbers.  Oh, like a computer and it’s 1010101010 files. lol

Working a plan today.

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