Hawaii five o

Many years ago I use enjoy the original Hawaii five o. Well tonight I am again enjoying the series. The sons of the original show are the stars. Good show.

Introduce yourself!

I have had this as a draft for some time, I still look at it and I honestly can say that I have no idea who I am any longer.  I am so many but so few and neither of which can I say who I am.  So I will close the draft by saying that I am myself, basically the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  I can dress in my cowboy hat and six guns while wearing blue jeans and western boots and play the part, I can dress in a suit and try to look the part, or I can dress in work clothes and think the part.  Underneath I am the still the same rugged tin soldier or sailor as I use to be.

All of this is me, I am now introduced to you.

A walk into the woods

I walk among the trees, amazed at their beauty and freedom to stand tall for so long.  They endure so much of weather and abuse from animals and nature but yet they continue to leaf again the following season.  Their life is stationary but yet their offsprings are spread from here to there.  They grudge not who you are or how you look they smile as you walk by, on a windy day they may even sing to you.  It is their way to say welcome to their world and to please be kind as you observe the beauty of the woods ahead.

A walk into the woods.

My incapacity of thought

  • As I sit and malinger
  • My future is stalemated
  • So, I ask, why would I sit and malinger if I know better
  • Do I possess an incapacity of thought
  • Thought of things to do of which I could do
  • Am I beneath the ability of drive today
  • Or am I just lazy and unaggressive about my future
  • As I sit and malinger
  • My future is stalemated
  • My incapacity of thought has surpassed me
  • I shall wake and malinger no longer
  • I shall rise up and become productive as I know I can
  • My incapacity of thought will be no longer.

My schedule for today

My schedule for today will consist of washing laundry, in progress.  I will work my routines as normal and I hope to do better than yesterday.  I may order some food related items.  I am also working on my financial budget.  I have to make a new listing of my medications since the program that I have been using is no longer available for my equipment.  It has gone Apple.  It is ok I have many other routes that I can use to formulate the listings.

My schedule for today.  I will be posting throughout the day, hopefully, some interesting material.