The day …

The day, however, has been a good day. Not that anything exceptional has happened. Yes I did man as he to get tired and sleepy of which I believed can be related to restfulness and the lack of good sleep last night.

I can say this no rain or bad weather.

The day fades now, the evening is shadowing now, tomorrow is on the way.

The week ahead

In the week ahead I have a visit with my eye doctor, following-up on my surgery.  I expect a good report for that visit.  The visit is on Thursday morning.  I do not recall any other visits for this week, however, I do have many during the month of January.

I am doing my best to maintain my number brackets so the doctors will encourage me more for my efforts.  Do I need their encouragement to maintain a routine providing me with some good health habits?  No, I do not, but I do need to know that I am doing what is expected of me and therefore, doing things right.

The week ahead, updates shall occur at later intervals.

The market up, gas down

The first full week of 2019, the market is up and the gas is still down. My politics for today.

Today I went to eat breakfast and the new menus will be out today. That means the prices will go up. My policy is good up, tips down. I live a budget. Two slices of bread cost more than a whole loaf does.

I am critical I know, but insane business is not beneficial.

The market up, gas down.