A look toward change

I have started trying to use Share of my Office 365 suite.  I hooked WP to it and I am now on it.  Will it make it any better?  Probably not.  But I have found it be a little faster to get in WP.  It does carry me to the reader first then a click away from My Site.  I hope to do more with Share if I keep having the luck that I have so far.

A look toward change.

A second attempt

This is a second attempt to post a word or two.  We are good I guess as I do not remember what it was I was trying to post earlier.  I do remember it was a bunch of words tied together for a common expression.  I think the error was due to my location from which mobile communications over the towers of Verizon will not work.  I live in a hole, as we call it, where the lines like I have on my new phone are using the towers of Verizon just will not reach out.  I have one phone from another company, Metro, and for some reason, it works well.  I can walk outside and the communications via Verizon’s towers will work, just not in my apartment.  I would say that my service associated with Verizon is desultory at best.