It is that time


It about bedtime.  Relaxing before sleep. Well maybe sleep.

I remember this day

  • I remember this day
  • A day to remember as a sleepy day
  • I watched some politics
  • Nothing about today can I recall
  • I remember this day
  • I fired up my drone not to free fly
  • I felt to power as I held it
  • The rain has departed, the sun is now awake
  • I remember this day. A day of sleepy and boredom
  • I remember this day.

Right or wrong?

The place that I go to eat in the mornings is just a simple place, a Waffle House.  Yes, and I will not say this to hurt the Waffle House because they have a strict policy concerning this type of conduct.  Some of us were talking about this today and this type of conduct is not tolerated.

Some of the employees are gay and both parties wort there, some are married, (M/M, F/F) and one is in a conversion from M-F which is the subject of this matter.  Some young customers a few nights ago came in and were criticizing the server for her choice.  She was disrespected by name calling, laughing at her, and leaving a tip of $.46.  The abominable conduct was fully unnecessary.

As for me, I am amoral about the subject.  It is none of my business how others live their lives unless it involves discomfort for me, I just do not care.  I dislike bullies, I have been on the receiving end myself and I had to learn to defend myself and then it stopped.  Some people can’t do that.

Right or wrong… it is their choice and their life.

Medication order

I just updated my order for medication refills.  I have so many now but some are low and I had refills available so I placed the orders.  The hard part is paying their fees, but that is a bad part of life I guess.  The funny thing is that when I had my surgery I was told not to lift anything heavy, equivalent to a gallon of milk.  I am cutting it close when I package all my medications in one package. lol  Medication per day does not keep the doctor away.

I am often asked…

A week ago I mention that I had received a shot in the eye. The eye is in recovery the blacked eye has begun to turn white again. I am often asked why does it look worse than the eye that was cut. I do not know the answer but neither hurt me. The sight is awesome.

I am often asked …