Politics, wow!

A little child is born, it cries to express needs.  A grown man or woman is elected, they cry when they can’t get their ways.

I learn a new word daily to better my communication skills.  Does it do me any good to know more words?  Not really, but I can communicate with others without placing blame on another and enter their mind while understanding what they are trying to say or do for those that they represent.  This is a skill of leadership, effective if used on a consistent routine.

Politics, wow!  What a mess it has became.

As the nerves settled

As the nerves settled, it was all over with.  I have a bug eye now for a few days, I am able to see already but blurred.  I will not strain it as I was told not to lift more than a gal of milk.  I have to be back in her office at 7:45AM for a follow-up.  The doctor and nurses asked me about my right eye being black, so I told them that the doctor on Thursday stuck a needle in it.  A surprise to all I guess.

As the nerves settled.

Today my faith and trust are strong

Today my life takes on a change, just today will I have this thought.  In my doctor, I have much trust in her abilities and knowledge.  The surgery is a routine one and she does many of them each week.  My faith and trust are strong in the belief that the outcome will be a value and not a disruption to my enjoyments.  I currently live a routine each day, but today the routine is a nonroutine event.  I will move forward at a slow pace and take all precautions to ensure that all goes well for today.  I know I make a big deal of this event and it is to me even if it is routinely happening daily.  I will be ok and will do fine, I have the power.

Today my faith and trust are strong.