I did it again

I lack 5 more connections at LinkedIn to 1000

The eye again

I think at one time a movie was made about the eye, it was scary,  heck I do not remember it could have been bugs or something.  Anyway, to the subject of the eye.  I took my eye back to the doctor and pictures were made, dilation took place, then the good doctor from oz came in to look at it.  He said I want to see you in two or three months, that was good news, then the point came about, I want to give you another shot just because, today the eye looks much better than the last time.  I asked if he was going to allow my doctor to do the implant, he said yes.  I see her on the 5th of February.  So I got the shot and came home.

Progress being made

I have been using these cold days to be productive inside the apartment and reorganize things.  Trying to make some rooms so I can walk around without the ghost jumping out at night and scaring me at night. lol.  It seems like everywhere I live a ghost lives there also.  I must have packed them and moved them in when I did.  This one I will be talking to her during the day and suddenly she is gone.  I know I am not as crazy as I seem to be and I am sure with me writing about it here many others will think that also.  Oh well, she seems to be a nice ghost but one never knows how she became an active ghost.

Today’s schedual

A look at my future, the calendar, I see nothing for today. Tomorrow, the eye doctor with the shot into the right eye. I think for Friday I will have the napraologist she really does not do much, but is cute.

Today I think I will screw my head back on and work inside my warm abode.