My description …

Often with my descriptions, I will hark back into the past to make my point.  I do not know if that is a trend or just me doing my own thing in order to present a thought.  I know that some people can sit and originate a book in no time,  It may take me 15 to 25 minutes to place a thought on paper or in print.  Good or bad, I do my best and sincere effort in my expressions.  No one had complained and I am just being critical of myself so please do not misunderstand.  Besides I wanted to use the word “hark back” a word of the day. lol

The last day market

I am watching Fox Business Chsnnel and the market just opened with a good showing.

I hope Eliz. Warren’s run for president is a full flop.

I sit here and think about my country and a fear comes over me. The government that I know is in a disarray from where it came from back in the 1700’s. Do not misunderstand I’ve been to many countries and have knowledge of some good and bad. So much has changed over the years. I blame the system for the situation.

The last day market.

I am not …

I am not an obdurate person even if I a fixed in many ways within my life.  I am also not a fulcrum in society, just a being in training for a higher office in life.  When my time ticket is punched at the clock then and only then will my game be over.

I am not an obdurate nor a fulcrum in life.