Today, the day after …

Well, I had a great sleep last night, it has rained all day and most of the night, and it is not very cold.  I had one scare last evening but I took action to reverse it and all is well.  I was hot and getting hotter, I realized that I was going hypoglycemic so I begin to take action to reverse it.  I do not like going there.

The eye is black but not as bad as yesterday, I can see ok through it now and I never had any pain afterward or when he gave me the shot.  I drove home, watch some TV and I tried to do some other things but my vision was out of focus so I gave it a break.

My new Galaxy Note 9 came in yesterday, so the dummy that tried to set it up last night and could not see never turned the other phone off so when the Note 9 was turned on it downloaded the other phone.  Different carriers and numbers but it is all good as long as they are not operated in the same location.  That is an awesome phone.  I will have 1 Tbyte on it soon.  Right now it has the basic 128 Gbyte.  This computer that I am on right now is a 1 TByte unit, it is an all in one system.

Anyway, until Wednesday when I have my lens replaced in my left eye, I am back somewhat.