A dark eye, painless, swollen

The eye never hurt, but the words made me nervous.  Back in four weeks and we will go from there.  It could mean laser or some other treatment technique.  I ask, “Why me”? I guess a good outcome will be better than if I did nothing.  I can only use prescribed drops and the otc tears for two weeks on the eye.  I can not use any pressure on the eye for the same period.

A dark eye, painless, and swollen.

It is a nice day for rain

Yes, the weather report is calling for 100% rain later today, it is funny because this morning I heard a noise as I was stopping at a red light, it was drops of rain then falling which to me makes it a 100% already even if it was a tablespoon full.  The question is how long will it last?

I do not know the answer but it is a nice day for rain.