How to hear

I have been wearing my hearing aids these past few days.  I do hear without them, but when tested they gave me both ears.  I had one a few minutes ago hollow out Battery so I removed them and will change them later.  They are too expensive to ignore, but I received them free and I get lifetime batteries and a replacement of the units in 4 years of the initial issue.  Sounds good to me. lol, I knew that I had a loss in the left ear when tested and she said your right ear is messed up also, so I will order both ears.

I keep them low most of the time because of all of the noise around me.  Spear parts, I wonder if I can be the million dollars, man?  New eyes and ears.  Nah, I do not think so.

The power of change

I was listening to some music on YouTube today.  There is the little girl in Canada who is a good singer and had the desire to grow into it professional at some time ahead.  She did a song about the power of change in which she addressed the idea the today’s children if they unite can bring about the power of change in later years.

I gave the above some thought and it is true, they have the power if they unite they will have control at some point in the future and can change the world.  I hope life will qualify them for that struggle.

The power of change.

The eye doctor tomorrow

I have a review of my situation on my right eye tomorrow afternoon.  I am hopeful that it will be positive and maybe I will be able to plan for the lens surgery on that eye later in January.

On January 2, I am scheduled for the left eye lens to be replaced, that is unless something comes up to curtail the surgery until another day.

The eye doctor tomorrow.

A candy kiss

Why do we refer to a cone of candy wrapped in foil become known as a candy kiss?  I will admit the candy is good, it does have a little banner in it, I have never read one, and maybe I should. lol.  Oh, I am not supposed to eat anything that is good, so if anyone noticed I did not say that I ate one today, actually I ate two. lol.

A candy kiss for those who believe.