I end the evening

I am about to end the evening and move on into the next day with a smile and a calm heart, clear mind, and a good future outlook.  I hope the same for everyone.  One week from tonight we will enter into a new year and many challenges.  We shall overcome any obstacles that attempt to endanger our actions or outlook into the future.

I end the evening with a dream.

A BP store

I went over to a BP store and purchased some drinks for the next few days.  They have the case, I ask for one because like I told them I really hate to pull them out of the rack and then they have to replace them each shift.  I normally purchase my petroleum from them for my two vehicles.  They are nice people there.  They are also closed tomorrow.

A BP store.

A stranger

This morning, I did decide to ride down to the eating place, a mistake for my routine, but what the heck.  The radio said rain today till noon, so far no rain and the sunny stuff is out and about, a stranger.  Now the cold was hanging around this morning but I can cover for that.

It is still numerous days ahead for the rain.  I guess we will see soon.

A stranger in sunny stuff., Merry Christmas to all.