And I remember …

Some years passed, and I remember this season to be overseas in a foreign country.  We had no real family to celebrate with. well, some did because they were married and had their families with them.  Never the less, we were with Brothers and Sisters at Arms, all of which we had full trust to always have our backs and we had theirs.  Before I move into the other world and shut my eyes for a few winks, I sit here alone in body and with my many memories the same spirit into my life and I think each of them and I have many prayers to keep me in spirits and positive.

I want to pass on to all around the world, that have served their country for your service. May each of you have a great celebration this season and be safe in whatever you do.

And I remember my family here and there, my brothers and sisters at arms over the many years, and to all that have served in hostilities or calm.  May your GOD bless you and keep you safe where ever you are.

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