Azure is a complex Microsoft Cloud associated program that is spreading into business functions.  I have an account and, today, I have began to learn more about it.  WordPress is associated with it in some way.  Amazon has something like Azure and I do not know anything about it at all.  I will have to research it also.  IBM has a service like Azure and I would think it will not be so intrusive into your daily lives as the other two will be.  It is well-known that Amazon has that little speaker that you can talk to and it will change things within the home and it will answer your questions about things that you might ask.  I understand that it will also collect your conversations and store them for Amazon to go though for their purposes in marketing.

It was just an item of interest that I wanted to expound on not that you would need to know it unless you are involved with it and then I have said nothing. lol

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