I hear ya

I hear ya calling to me, about bedtime, and about time to complete your daily routine before bed.  But, I am not in the mood for all of this right now.  It has to be done or you won’t sleep good and you will not have good numbers in your lifeline for today.

I hear ya, my life is a record of number accomplishments which requires you to tolerate and participate in fulfilling the lifeline story in number forms.

I hear ya


“Great Minds”???

An election is held, great minds are voted in, get on the job with many powers, can’t work together (kind of like kids playing in the sand), unproductive, never ran a business, can’t work together, many with law degrees and probably were not good at it,  overpaid for what they do, and can’t do a funding or budget for our country.  Why did we elect them or hire them to do work for us?

“Great Minds”??? Yeah, Right.

I am awaiting

I am awaiting the arrival of the Transport to Starship 6 for a weekend visit and relaxation period.  I will refresh my cyber knowledge.


I will be active here over the weekend, as we have a much complex system of communication that I have here at home.

The eyes and a tear

A tear

One eye scheduled for surgery on the 2nd and the other eye is scheduled for a review on the 27th.  The review is that they found blood inside the eye and can’t cut on it until it is cleared by another doctor.  I hope that it is cleared up by then, I have had that problem before and it went away on its own.  I will keep dropping tears into my eye and using the medications that I have in hopes that they will do their job.  I am seeing well the last few days and I have not had any redness in either eye that looked like a problem.  I guess I will know next Thrusday morning.