May all have

May all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  • We have those non-believers that celebrate gift exchanges and friendships of the season.
  • We have families that are so down on the luck that their children will be without for the season.
  • We have families that experienced the fires and storms depriving them of their plans for the seasons.
  • We have those that have an abundance of ability and will fully enjoy the season.
  • We have many that will just be alone, by choice, because of their belief that the season is for families and their members.
  • We must remember that Jesus was for all and that we are actually are celebrating his birthday, regardless of the date is right or wrong.
  • We are blessed with life and it’s pros and cons in health and material items.  Our well being is of our GOD
  • Celebrate the season, rejoice, pray that our lives will be better and well of pains.

Today so far

Agenda of tomorrow  

I did or have so far followed what I said in the above link.  I woke at the normal time and started my daily routines, back to bed by 5:30 AM and was up at about 7:45 AM.  It sure was good for me to do this.  I can’t seem to understand why I wake so early each day.  I assume it is the many years when it was my job to be up early.  I do know if I am not sleeping I will not just lay there for no reason, it is a waste of time for me to do that.

I have been listening to YouTube stories and so many are dry and better than a sleeping pill.

The weather:  The sun has broken through the clouds a couple of times, rain has gone for now.  This is my today so far.