Agenda of tomorrow

My agenda of tomorrow is to get up late, home activities for a while, and may run over to a store to walk around for a short period of time.  I will have to think about the last one as I have no idea as why I should even do that.

The heat has been increased in the apartment and the temp has dropped already.  I may have to put a jacket on for a short while will I get warm again.  I know that it is really not very cold but it does feel that way.

I will be on here for a while tomorrow, doing this, and doing some other things.  I have to find some different YouTube content to listen to, the current collections are so boring that I sleep all day.

My agenda of tomorrow will be trying.

My license

I went to check the mail this AM and my driver’s license were there.  I had a temporary anyway while I waited for the main card.  And like they told me they are good for 8 years.  It has been a good day for me so far.

Note:  I have been looking for something that I purchased a while back, a drawing book.  Well, I found it last evening.  Now, I have no idea where the lamination pages are that I purchased for my laminator.  Guess I will have to buy more soon.

The weather, the rain, the temp

The weather has changed and is changing to cooler, at least to a feel.  The rain comes and goes, but 100% of something is just that, so 100% of rain is a bit more than the 40% predicted.  The temperature is and to be within the range of 44°F to 54°F for the rest of the day and tonight.  I just put my car back in the garage, then put myself back in the dark apartment for, maybe till Monday when I start the doctors again all week.

The weather, the rain, the temp. and whatever else, I am inside.

A nice place to live, but now

I was walking the streets of a community of which I once knew to be a nice place to live and play, I was shocked to see how it has changed.  It has become a nidus to crime, destruction, and vice.  I think if a cry of a tear would have helped, I would have filled a bucket with teardrops.  It is sad to see such situation of a nice community.

A nice place to live, but now?