Routines go on

My routines of the evening shall begin in two hours.  The bed begins about 3  hours from now.  Early to rise and the daily routines shall begin in an effort to make me well.  I have to go to a couple of doctors tomorrow to change the appointment times due to conflicts.

In my days ahead the routines go on.

The weather of today

The sun is strong today, cold is here, ice this morning, and the rain is gone for now.  This is the weather of today at zip 30180.

I have not accomplished much today, this is my third post, sad to say that, I think my mind is in the mud and can not find it’s way out.  The viewing of the TV channels are muddy as well.  I have been looking for some drawing booklets today but I can not remember where I put them.  I am sure that they are where I put them, but not sure where that is.

The evening approaches soon, and maybe sleep will follow.

A feeling as if

In a single life, with most of the time in a steady routine, one may find the walls closing in on them as if they are immured within.  A feeling as if immured or imprisoned in the life that you are faced with daily.  I do not feel this situation any longer.  I have in fact, felt it at times back when I was spending the 19 years in the cab of a truck over the road.  It is just a feeling of a need to get away and experience other activities.

Google and its power

The great powers of Government today are drilling Google about their tracking people and various businesses.  It is not misunderstood that Google has massive powers and can track each person with a computer or a phone.  Many op-outs are available to individuals to control what information is available for exposure. We know that any company that deal with humans will have bias activities to get their beliefs out.  Again, we have the first amendment in America which protects speech and other activities to express beliefs as long as it does not cause up-risings or hurts toward others.

I saw the Representatives wasted much effort and money in the drilling of the CEO of Google.  Nothing was solved.