A day of interest

It has been a day of interest when consideration is contributed to politics and the stock market.  DOW down to more than 500 points then up to around 100 points.  Turmoil in France, Great Britten, and the EU.  Of course being an American, I cannot understand the comments the Democrats are making about all of the trash that they are going to do to disrupt our government.  I so hope that things get better soon.

A self-critique

I have observed myself, as I do often, and I find that my repartee with people may tend to sandbag my true meaning of what I am trying to get across.  I believe it to be a habit acquired over the years and in fact, I am directly spoken and to the point as close as I know how to be.  I do not have time for jabber as it confuses the information being presented.  This statement only applies to face to face and not to print.

A self-critique of my communication skills.