It is new to me

As a military man I often think about the people that I served with, and with that said, I find that I have much approbation for each of them and to include all of the military, law enforcement, and firefighters.

Approbation a word new to me.

A day of gloom

The rain began yesterday and will continue until tomorrow.  It really does not bother me but it does make me sleepy so I have to remain busy with something.  I have most of the day even if I caught myself trying to sleep this morning.

I have not heard any critters today except for the dog next door.  I think she was happy to get out of the house for a minute to take care of some business.

I have been playing with Microsoft PowerPoint today with a small project.  For some reason, Adobe and PP are not working well together.  I will figure it out

I may just leave my SUV out in the rain tonight and let it get wet. lol.  It needs gas anyway,k I guess I could take both vehicles over a gas them up.  Not sure yet.

I just wanted to air something to see what happens with.